Index of Keywords


Modeling and Simulation of PVDF-TrFE Based MEMS Scale Cantilever Type Energy Harvesters

piezoelectric actuation

Design, Modelling and Simulation of a PZN-PT Actuated Micropump

piezoelectric actuator

Modeling a Piezoelectric Actuator Using a Transformer Equivalent Circuit

SC Cavities Fast Tuning System Based on Piezoelectric Actuators

piezoelectric bender actuator

Modeling of a Piezo Paddle Mikro Pump

piezoelectric conversion

Design, Modelling and Optimisation of Integrated Piezoelectric Micro Power Generators

piezoelectric force microscopy

Visualizing Nano-Electromechanics by Vector Piezoresponse Force Microscopy

piezoelectric materials

An Analytical Model for Multi-layer and Multi-electrode Piezoelectric Ceramic Actuators

piezoelectric MEMS

Comparison of Piezoelectric MEMS Mechanical Vibration Energy Scavengers

piezoelectric microgenerator

Development of a Self-Assembled Muscle-Powered Piezoelectric Microgenerator

piezoelectric micropump

Modeling of the Piezoelectric Micropump for Imporving the Working Parameters

piezoelectric polarization charge

Current Degradation due to electromechanical coupling in GaN HEMT’s

piezoelectric power

Operation and Testing of a Micro Heat Engine

piezoelectric pressure sensor

MEMS Pressure Sensor with Two Thin Film Piezoelectric Read-Out

piezoelectric print head

Effects of Inkjet Printing Parameters on Conductive Line Patterns for Flexible Electronics Applications

piezoelectric pump

Full Coupling Simulation of a Membrane Micropump

piezoelectric sensing

Geometrical Effects in Mechanical Characterizing of Microneedle for Biomedical Applications

piezoelectric sensors

A Novel Polymer Nanofiber Interface for Chemical and Biochemical Sensor Applications

piezoelectric stack

Electromechanical System for Lorentz Force Compensation

piezoelectric thin film

Electrical equivalent circuit for air and liquid characterization of a multilayer micromembrane with piezoelectric actuation and read-out capabilities