Index of Keywords


Preparation of Novel Ferrocene-based Shell Cross-linked Thermoresponsive Hybrid Micelles with Anti-tumor Efficacy


Comparative Study of Fabrication Patterns of a Ferroelectric Polymer P(VDF-TrFE) on Gold Thin Film and Gold Ball via Dip-pen Nanolithography

p-diffused silicon

Piezoresistive effect in DLC Films and Silicon


Hybrid P-Element and Trefftz Method for Capacitance Computation

p-i-n structure

Simulation-Based Evolutionary Approach to Electrical Characteristic Optimization of Silicon Solar Cells


Effects of sub-threshold operation on 32 nm technology node PMOSFETs evaluated from the perspective of two-stage NBTI model

Investigation on Impact of Different Defects based on Different Trap Energy Level in the Framework of Two-Stage NBTI model

p-n junction

Simulation of the Piezo-Tunnel Effect


Physics based Analytical Model for a Pocket Doped p-n-p-n Tunnel Field Effect Transistor


Increased Piezoresistive Effect in Crystalline and Polycrystalline Si Nanowires

P-type ZnO nanorods

Silver Nanoplate Array for Vertically Aligned P-type ZnO Nanorods

P/N junction

Semiconducting Bilayer Graphene for Device Applications


Immunodiagnosis for cervical cancer using antibody-gold nanoparticle conjugate


Bulk Heterojunction Organic-Inorganic Photovoltaic Cell Based on Doped Silicon Nanowires

Effects of ZnO buffer layer and depth profiling analysis of bulk heterojunction organic solar cells

Electrical characterization with high spatial resolution of P3HT:PCBM blends used in organic photovoltaics by means of conductive atomic force microscopy


Gene Delivery and Transfection in Human Pancreatic Cancer Cells using Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor-Targeted Gelatin Nanoparticles

p53 gene

Molecular Dynamics Simulation of a Single Stranded (ss) DNA

PA12/PDMS nanosturured blends

Design and multiobjective optimization of a novel reactive extrusion process for the production of nanostructured PA12/ PDMS blends


Water Soluble Conducting Polymer Nanocomposite: Toward Electronic Understanding the Catalytic Role of ss-DNA Functionalized Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes