Index of Keywords


A Regulator’s Approach to Nanomaterials


Verilog-AMS Eases Mixed Mode Signal Simulation

Ovonic threshold switch

A Regional Model for Threshold Switching in Phase Change Memory


Cytotoxicity of Dental Nanocomposite Particles


Novel Photo-thermal Controlled Drug-releasing Vectors for Cancer Detection and Treatment

oxgen vacancies

Oxygen Vacancies induced ferromagnetism in undoped and Cr doped SnO2 nanowires


Effect of nanomeric structured micelles on metabolic kinetic study of two CNS drugs


A RC-based biosystem for measuring anti-oxidizing power

oxidase activity

Intrinsic oxidase activity of cerium oxide nanoparticles facilitate the detection of cancer biomarkers and cancer cells


A Program for Modeling of Technological Routes of VLSI Fabrication - ProMIC-T

A Physically-Based Model for Oxidation in a Circular Trench in Silicon

A Physically-Based Model for Oxidation in a Circular Trench in Silicon

AFM Anodization Studied by Spectromicroscopy


A Comprehensive Kinetic Model for Wet Oxidation of Silicon Germanium Alloys


Nanostructured perovskite-based oxidation catalysts for improved environmental emission control

Kinetics in two Phase-Observe Interaction and Identify the Binding Parameters

Effect of Strain on the Oxidation Rate of Silicon Germanium Alloys

Electronic Properties and Transitions States involved in the Pyrrole Oligomerization

Quantum Chemical Molecular Dynamics Study of Oxidation Process on Fe-Cr Alloy Surfaces in High Temperature Water

A New Biocomposite Electrode Sensor for the Detection of Oxidative Reactions