Index of Keywords


Control of NEMS Based on Carbon Nanotube

A simulation of microfluidic oscillator micromixer

Programmable MEMS-Based Silicon Timing Solutions Change the Game

Oscillator strengths

Enhanced oscillator strengths and optical parameters of doped ZnS bulk and nanophosphors


Studies of Nanotube-based Co-axial and Resonant Oscillators

MEMS Oscillators

oscillatory behaviour

Carbon nanotube superlattices- An oscillatory metallic behaviour


Nanotube Formation and Surface Study of New Ternary Titanium Alloys

Phenomena of Nanotube Formation on the Surface of Cp-Ti, Ti-6Al-4V, and Ti-Ta alloys

Multifunctional Ceramic Thin Films for High-Performance Orthopaedic Implants


Enhancement of Osteobalstic Bone Cell Proliferation Incubated on Plasma Treated Polymers


Increased Osteoblast Adhesion on Nano-rough Anodized Titanium and CoCrMo

Nano-Surface Behavior of Osteoblast Cell-Cultured Ti-30(Nb,Ta) with Low Elastic Modulus

Biological effects of PLA-TCP nanocomposites on osteoblastic cells

osteoblast cells

Enhanced proliferation of osteoblast cells on mechanically deformed elastic membranes

osteoblastic cells

Improvement of Polycaprolactone Nanofibers Topographies: Testing the Influence in Osteoblastic Proliferation


Qualitative Evaluation of the Response of Human Osteoblast Cells to Nanotopography Surfaces Based on Carbon Nanotubes


Biomimetic Biphasic Nanocomposite Scaffold for Osteochondral Regeneration

Enhanced Mechanical and Cytocompatibility Properties of Novel 3D Printed Osteochondral Scaffolds


A better biomaterial for bone regeneration: type II collagen