Index of Keywords


Surface Modification and Performance Analysis of Jute Based Nanophased Green Composite

Durability Study of Nanophased Jute-Based Green Composites

Application of a Nanoclay-Polypropylene Composite to Efficient Vehicle Occupant Safety Countermeasure Design


Polymer nanocomposites: an advanced material for functional fibers

Modified Nanoclays: An Approach to Stabilizing Drilling Fluids Rheology at High Temperature


Optimizing nanoparticle functionalization for quantum dot formation

nanocluster arrays

Monte Carlo Modeling of Thin Film Deposition: Factors that influence 3D islands

nanocluster formation

Expansion-Limited Nanocluster Growth in a Plume Formed by MHz-Pulse-Rate Laser Ablation


Nanomolecular Gravitational Interactions Causing Incrased Probability of Birth Defects in Humans During Period from Conception to Early Fetus Formation

Real Time Kinetic Measurements of Silver Nanocluster Growth

Growth and Structure of Fullerene Thin Films and Other Carbon Nanomaterials

SPM Investigation of the Electron Properties YSZ Nanostructured Films

Structural Optimization of Nanoclusters with Adaptive Tempering Monte Carlo Method

Electron instabilities in nanoclusters, nanostructures and inhomogeneous nanomaterials: bottom up approach

Synthesis and characterization of nanoreactors within polymeric nanotemplates

Imaging and Spectroscopy of the Au Nanoclusters in the YSZ Films by Ballistic Electron/Hole Emission Microscopy


Polymer Nanocoatings by Initiated Chemical Vapor Deposition (iCVD)

Role of the carbon nanocoating on the electronic conductivity of LiFePO4 based electrodes for lithium ion batteries

Directed Self Assembly: a Novel, High Speed Method of Nanocoating Ultra-thin Films and Monolayers of Particles

Rapid Deposition of Graphene Layers in MxRAM Devices