Index of Keywords


Finite Element Modeling of Electro-Mechanical Coupling in Capacitive Micro-Systems

Compact Modeling of Nonlinearities in Submicron MOSFETs

Dissipative Intrinsic Localized Modes in Nano-ferroelectrics

nonlocal elasticity

A Novel Approach for Modeling Mechanical Behavior of Porous Media

nonlocal elliptic problem

Nonlocal Problems in MEMS Device Control


A Modeling Tool for Contact Probe Tests on Nano-Particle Filled Materials

nonparabolicity effects (NPE)

Nonparabolicity Effects of the Ultra-thin Body Double-gate MOSFETs

nonpinned surface potential

Unified Regional Charge-based Versus Surface-potential-based Compact Modeling Approaches

nonpremixed flames

Properties of nonpremixed ammonia-substituted hydrogen-air flames

nonproportional damping

Identification of Anisoelasticity and Nonproportional Damping in MEMS Gyroscopes

nonreconfigurable and reconfigurable design parameters

Design of Reconfigurable Composite Microsystems Based on Hardware/Software Co-design Principles


Nonresonant Response Characteristics to Terahertz Radiation of FETs: Influence of Magnetic Field

nonviral gene delivery

Calcium-Alginate Nanoparticles for Nonviral Gene Delivery

nonvolatile logic circuit

Novel Nonvolatile Logic Circuits with Three-Dimensionally Stacked Nanoscale Memory Device

nonvolatile memories

A New Compact Model of Floating Gate Non-Volatile Memory Cells

nonvolatile memory

Numeric Aspects of the Simulation of Two-Dimensional Ferroelectric Hysteresis

Transient Simulation of Ferroelectric Hysteresis

Floating Gate Devices: Operation and Compact Modeling

Floating Gate Devices: Operation and Compact Modeling

A Novel Nonvolatile Memory Using SiOx-Cladded Si Quantum Dots