Index of Keywords

nickel nanoparticles

Novel supported catalytic materials based on multiwalls carbon nanotubes

nickel nanowires

Magnetic Nanowires based Reciprocal & Non-reciprocal devices for Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuits (MMIC)

nickel oxide

Novel Method for the Electrochemical Synthesis of Nickel-Rich Oxide Nanowires

Formation of Ni/NiO core/shell nanostructures and their attachment on carbon nanotubes

nickel phosphide

Extraordinary Activity of Nanodispersed Bimetallic NiFe Phosphide Catalysts for the Conversion of a Biomass Model Compound


Nickel-Zinc Rechargeable Batteries – the High Performance, Low Cost, Clean Solution for Hybrid Vehicles


Pt-Ru nanoparticles Supported on MWCNT as PEM fuel cell Electrocatalysts


Surface modification of SiO2 micro spheres by NiFe2O4 nanoparticles


New Method for large Area NIL - SCIL

The IMPRINT software: quantitative prediction of process parameters for successful nanoimprint lithography

NIL resists

Thin NIL films characterization (viscosity, adhesion) with rheological nano–probe


NILCom® – Commercialization of Nanoimprint Lithography

nile red

Modified glycol chitosan nanocarriers carry hydrophobic materials into tumours


Managing Your Environmental, Health & Safety Risk: A Guide for Nano Companies and their Insurers


Preparation and characterization of SAPO-34 nanoparticles-mixed matrix membranes (MMM) via combined phase separation method for CO2/CH4 gas separation application

NIR emitting quantum dots

Effect of Ligand Nature on the Kinetics and the Redistribution of Quantum Dots in Mice

NIR light degradable

Designing Responsive Materials with Chemically Amplified Sensitivity to NIR light

NIR light responsive

Designing Responsive Materials with Chemically Amplified Sensitivity to NIR light

NIRF probe

A Novel Near Infra-Red Fluorescent Probes to Repair Metal Artifact After Implantation


An Evaluation of a Scanning Mobility Particle Sizer with NIST-Traceable Particle Size Standards