Index of Keywords


Tunneling Negative Differential Resistance in Flexible Silicone Graphite Composites

Methods of colloid vibration imaging for characterisation of nano-particle suspensions

Uniformly Distributed Metal Nano-particles in Various Sized Porous Catalytic Supports by NPP Process


Fabrication of Nanostructures on Curved Surfaces Using PDMS Stamp


Binary Chemical Nanopatterns: Fabrication and Use as Templates for Electrostatic Self-Assembly

Nano-Patterning of NaCl Using Nanopipette based on the QTF-AFM System

Embossed and Intaglio Nano-Patterning using Nanopipette based on the QTF-AFM System


Direct Observation of Nanofabrication using the Optical Microscope combined with Nanopipette/QTF-AFM System


Nano-Scale Effects in GaN-based Light-Emitting Diodes


Polyethylene-oxide (PEO) linear nano-polymer directly stimulates endothelium and protects myocardium from focal ischemia-reperfusion injury via eNOS pathway in rats

Simultaneous determination of guanine and adenine on nano-poly(4-aminothiophenol) patterns modified ITO electrode


Nanobiopore: A Novel Nano-Porous Electrode System to Enhance Biosensor Sensitivity


Pseudocapacitive random and aligned nano-porous electrode materials for supercapacitors

nano-protein adducts

Particles as Protein Markers: Nanoscale Microscopy Towards Picoscale

nano-reinforced interfaces

Design and Development of Nano-reinforced Bonds and Interfaces


Electromechanical Model for a Single Port Nano-Mechancial Beam Resonator


Three-Dimensional High-order Nano-rod Formation Using a Hydrogen-assisted Deep Reactive Ion Etching


Quantum and Kinetic Simulation Tools for Nano-scale Electronic Devices

In Vitro Diagnosis and Analysis of the Potential Effects of Carbon Nanotube Exposure on the Human Respiratory System

nano-scale CMOS

A Physics-Based Compact Model for Nano-Scale DG and FD/SOI MOSFETs