Index of Keywords


Iron based 1D Nanostructures by Electrospinning Process

Nanocarriers for Cancer Therapy

High-Performance dye-sensitized solar cells with various nanostructured materials as counter electrode

Dispersing carbon nanotubes in polymer nanocomposites: detecting individually dispersed tubes

Attachment of Quantum dots and gold nano particles on ZnO nanorods and nanotubes

Scalable Single Walled Carbon Nanotube Separation: from Process to Product

Probing Protein-Carbohydrate Interactions using Carbon Nanotube Nanodevices for Rapid Bacterial Detection

Unusual thermal diffusion of carbon nanotubes in a thermoplastic polymer

CNTFETs fabricated using an Original Dynamic Air-Brush technique for SWCNTs deposition : application to gas sensing

Nanobiotechlogy: Applications in Food Science and Engineering

Alkali Halide Nanoclusters: Structure, Stability, Properties and Mechanism of Formation

nanotubes fibers

Carbon Nanotube Nano-Composite Fibers and Carbon Nanotube Fibers by Wet Spinning Process

nanotubular phage

Filamentous Bacterial Viruses Break Down Amyloid Plaques in an Animal Model of Alzheimer’s Disease – A Novel Therapeutic Avenue

nanotubular structure

Synthesis of novel ferrite foam materials for water-splitting application


Tribological properties of carbon nanotubes as lubricant additives


Lipid nanoparticles for enhancing immune responses to protein antigens


Quatsomes: highly stable nanovesicles formed by sterols and

Quatsomes: vesicles formed by self-assembly of sterols and


Nanovias FIB-etching and filling in a micro-nano interposer for molecular electronics


TEM and Raman Spectroscopy Analyses of Fullerene Nanowhiskers and Nanotubes