Index of Keywords


Investigation of Thermal and Mechanical Response of Nylon-6 Filaments with the Infusion of Acicular and Spherical Nanoparticles

First-Principles Studies of SnS2 Nanotubes

Growth and Characterization of GaAs/AlGaAs Core-Shell Nanowires and AlGaAs Nanotubes

Electronic Transport Through Carbon Nanotubes – Effect of Contacts, Topological Defects, Dopants and Chemisorbed Impurities

Synthesis of Nanostructures from Carbides Sheets

Parylene Polymers for Nanotechnology Applications

Synthesis of fullerene nanotubes by liquid-liquid interfacial precipitation method in the system of C60-pyridine and isopropyl alcohol

Electrophoretic RNA Transport Through Transmembrane Carbon Nanotubes

Nano-Biotechnology toward Diagnostic Industry: Obstacles and Opportunities

Parylene Nanospheres, Nanotubes & Nanocoatings for Medical and Electronics Applications

Separation Mechanisms for Nanoscale Spheres and Rods in Field-Flow Fractionation (FFF)

Chemical doping by sulfuric acid in double wall carbon nanotubes

Modeling and simulation of adhesion between carbon nanotubes and surfaces

Quantum transport in nano mosfets

Adapting carbon nanotubes for fine composite structures

Effect of doping on the radial breathing mode of carbon nanotubes

Solid State and Template Free Synthesis of a Nanotubular Polyaniline-TiO2 Composite

Review of Double Wall Carbon Nanotubes, Synthesis and Applications (overview presentation)

Rhodamine B degradation efficiency of differently annealed titanium dioxide nanotubes

Magnetic Dye-Adsorbent Catalyst: A “Core-Shell” Nanocomposite