Index of Keywords

nano-mechanical testing

Fabrication of Nano-structures of NiTi Shape Memory Films and Investigations on Size dependence of their Mechanical Properties


Nano-Mesosphere Drug Carriers for Localized Cancer Chemotherapy

nano-micro structure

Surface Constructions of Nano-Micro Structured CaP Biomaterials and Their Biocompatibility


Fabrication of Metallic Nano-stamper and Replication of Nano-patterned Substrate for Patterned Media


Nano-Crystalline Ta2O5 Films Deposited by DC Pulsed Magnetron Sputtering


Molecular Synergy in the Nano-networks

The Concatenation of the Concurrent Self-replication and Self-organization Processes


FreeNano - Test Methods for Release of Pigment-Nanoparticles Into the Environment at the End of Life Cycle


Nano-Organocatalysts: new magnetically retrievable tools for enantioselective synthesis


Collective Behavior of an Array of Spin Torque Nano-Oscillators


A Monte Carlo Study of a Model of Globular Protein Nanoparticles

pH-Sensitive Nano-Crystals of Carbonate Apatite Regulate Delivery and Release Kinetics of DNA for Efficient Expression in Mammalian Cells

Combustion synthesis and Magnetic Characterizations of Mn Substituted Ni–Zn Ferrite Nanoparticles


Monte Carlo Study of Models of Membrane Proteins

A Novel Microrheometer for Measuring Rheological Properties of Microquantities of Fluids

Environmentally Friendly Pathways for Synthesis of Titanium Dioxide Nano-particles

Integrated Microfluidic Device with an Electroplated Palladium Decoupler for Electrochemical Detection of the 8-hydroxydeoxyguanosine (8-OH-dG) DNA Adduct

Shape-Controlled Synthesis and Catalytic Behavior of Supported Platinum Nanoparticles

Effective Removal Module by Excimer Irradiation Assistance

Plasmon assisted two-photon direct laser writing of micro-structures composed of chiral Ag nanoparticles