Index of Keywords


Uniform Melt State Process For The Production Of Nanostructured Materials

nanostructured ceramics

Fabrication of polymer-derived ceramic nanostructures by imprint lithography

nanostructured coating

Effects of Surface Texture and Chemistry on Surface Hydrophobicity and Oleophobicity

nanostructured composites

Preparation of BN-Si3N4 Nanostructured Composites

nanostructured film

Micro Patterning Sensor Layers by Flame Deposition and Annealing

nanostructured films

Young Modulus Measurement of Nanostructured Palladium Thin Films

Morphology of Nanostructured Films Synthesized via Electrodeposition

Gas Sensor Arrays by Supersonic Cluster Beam Deposition

Batch Fabrication of Nanostructured Heterogeneous Microarrays for Chemical Sensing

Nanostructured photocatalytic TiO2-xNx thin films prepared by reactive magnetron sputtering

Fabrication of superhydrophobic nanostructured films by Physical Vapour Deposition

nanostructured fluid

Modulation Of Nanochannels Hydration In Lipid Cubic Phases Studied by SANS and SAXS

nanostructured lipid carriers (NLC)

Preparation and Characterization of Coenzyme Q10-Loaded Nanostructured Lipid Carriers as Delivery Systems for Cosmetic Component

nanostructured materials

High-Performance dye-sensitized solar cells with various nanostructured materials as counter electrode

Eddy Current and Microwave Characterization of Fe- Based Alloy Synthesized by Mechanical Alloying

nanostructured metallic films

Nanostructured Metallic Thin Films: Measurement of Critical Exponents

nanostructured polymers

Technological prospecting on Area of Nanotechnology with emphasis in nanostructured polymers

nanostructured polymersomes

Synthesis and Self-Assembly of Biodegradable Poly(ethylene oxide)-b-Polycaprolactone (PEO-b-PCL) Diblock Copolymers

nanostructured silicates

Engineering of efficient biocatalysts using nanostructured mesoporous silicate carriers

nanostructured silicon

Development and practical application of biosensors based on the nanostructured silicon