Index of Keywords


Nano-Electronic Sensors - Practical Device Designs for Sensors

Label-Free Protein Nano-Biosensor Using Top-Down Fabrication

A Novel Compact Lab-on-a-Chip Nanosensor for In-Channel Liquid Viscosity Detection

Mobility of paramagnetic nanoparticles in porous media

Autonomous Nanosensor System for Monitoring and Quantifying Arsenic in Water

nanosensor stability

Chemical Nano-Sensor Development and Characterization


Electrical and Optical Nanosensors

Gas fingerprinting using Carbon Nanotubes transistors arrays

Multiwalled carbon nanotube films as temperature nano-sensors

Nanotechnology for Building Security

Bioreactor with Integrated Nanosensor for the Recording of Extracellular Potential of Nerve Cells: Response oo Inhibitors Record with Algan/Gan Field - Effect Transistor

Tin oxide nanowire sensors for highly sensitive detection of toxic gases


Synthesis of ZnO Nanosheets by Exposing Zn Film to Oxygen Plasma at Low Temperatures

nanosheet graphite

Percolation theory at work – boosting the heat transfer performance of graphitic nanofluids


New Nanocomposites - Controlled Capture of Nanoparticles in Scrolled Nanosheets


Optimal Design of Laser Surgery for Cancer Treatment Through Nanoshell-Mediated Hyperthermia Therapy


Vibrational Modes of Metal Nanoshells

Gold nanoshells aided optical imaging in vitro, in vivo and ex vivo

Radiolabeling of Nanoshells with Cu-64 and In-111 for PET and SPECT Imaging in Rats


Patterning of Periodic Structures Using Continuously Moving Stage