Index of Keywords


Rapid Combustion Synthesis of Zinc Oxide Nanostructures


Magnetically Induced Drop Movement on Nanorough Micropatterned Nanocomposites


Intelligent testing strategy for engineered nanomaterials


Modeling of the Self-Limiting Oxidation for Nanofabrication of Si

Femtosecond Energy Concentration in Nanosystems Coherently Controlled by Excitation Phase Modulation

Characterization of Nanocrystalline PZT Synthesized via a Hydrothermal Method

Web Based Distributed Computing Environment for Nanotechnology

The Relationship Between Nanoscale AFM Adhesive Force Measurements using Calcite Crystals with Macroscale contact angle and Scaling Characteristics

The Nucleolus and Cellular Stress: Analysis by Coherent Phase Microscopy

Monte Carlo Algorithm for Nanoscale Electro-Thermal Optimization

Compact Modeling Framework for Short-Channel DG and GAA MOSFETs

Effective Use of Focused Ion Beam (FIB) in Investigating Fundamental Mechanical Properties of Metals at the Nano-Scale.

Accommodation of Characterization Tools

Residual Stress Measurements of High Spatial Resolution

Quantitative Analysis of HBV Capsid Protein Geometry Based Upon Computational Nanotechnology

Accommodation of Characterization Tools: Understanding the Building Vibration, Stray Electromagnetic Fields and Acoustic Interference to Avoid Catastrophic Inferences in New Building Construction or Building Renovations

Subthreshold Quantum Ballistic Current and Quantum Threshold Voltage Modeling for Nanoscale FinFET

Analytical Modeling of the Subthreshold Electrostatics of Nanoscale GAA Square Gate MOSFETs

High-aspect-ratio deep Si etching of micro/nano scale features with SF6 /H2/ O2 plasma, in a low plasma density reactive ion etching system

Direct nanoscale imaging of ballistic and diffusive thermal transport in graphene nanostructures