Index of Keywords

nanoporous thin-film waveguide

Nanoporous thin-film waveguide resonance sensors with wavelength interrogation over a broad bandwidth

nanoporous zeolite sodalite

Comparing the Stabilities of Nanoclusters and Cluster-Based Materials: Alkali Halides and the First Row Element Compounds


Functionalized Nanoporous Ceramic Sorbents for Removal of Mercury and Other Contaminants


Uncoil long DNA molecules in nanoposts array


Direct Electrochemical Reduction of CuO Nano Particles to Cu Nano Particles in NaCl Solution

Nanopowder net-shaping for manufacturing nanostructured ceramics

Structural and Magnetic Properties study of CoFe2O4 Nanopowder prepared by Mechanical Milling using metallic Cobalt and Hematite powder Blend

Redispersible hybrid nanopowders: cerium oxide nanoparticle complexes with phosphonated-peg oligomers

The study of the microwave absorption and optical properties of the Al- N codoped SiC Nanopowders

Scalable Manufacturing of Nanopowders by Solution Combustion Processing


Formation of Ceramic Nanopowders and Composites in a Self-Sustaining Reaction Regime

Synthesis of Nanopowders and Their Production at the Industrial Scale Using the Inductively-Coupled Plasma Technology

Spark Plasma Synthesis (SPS) Device for Sintering of Nanomaterials

Nanopowders of TiO2 obtained by combustion reaction: effect of fuels


Rapid Isolation of AMI Markers using Nanomagnetic Particles


Rifampicin nanosuspension production using microfluidic device


Nanoprobe for Optical Molecular Imaging

Innovative Nanoprobes for Multiparametric Magnetic Immunoassays: Elaboration and Characterization

Self-assembled fluorescent magnetic nanoprobes for multimode-biomedical imaging


Targeting Nanoparticle Probes to Differentiating Stem Cells