Index of Keywords


Colloidal apatite nanoparticles exhibiting luminescence and magnetic susceptibility

Nanoparticle synthesis using polyelectrolyte nanoreactors

Using Nanoparticles and Carbon Nanotubes to Enhance the Properties of a Lead-free Solder

In-situ Surface Characterization of Nano- and Microparticles by Optical Second Harmonic Generation

Evaluation of Tools for Nanoparticles-modulated Hyperthermia by Atomic Force Microscopy

Manufacture of ultrafine drug particles via the Rapid Expansion of Supercritical Solution (RESS) Process using Taguchi approach

Synthesis of highly-doped silicon and germanium nanoparticles in a low-pressure plasma-reactor for thermoelectric and solar applications

Synthesis of nanocrystalline (Zn1-xCox)Al2O4 solid solution: structural and optical properties

Green Chemistry Used in the Synthesis and Characterization of Silver and Gold Nanoparticles

Polarity sensitive colloidal gold nanoparticles

Formation and stabilization of gold and silver clusters and nanoparticles in mordenites

Synthesis of Sulfated and Carbon-Coated Al2O3 Aerogels and Their Activity in Dehydrochlorination of 1-Chlorobutane and (2-Chloroethyl)ethyl Sulfide

Preparation and Characterization of Nanocrystalline GaP for Advanced Light Emissive Device Structures

Fabrication of size-tunable gold nanoparticles using plasmid DNA as a biomolecular reactor

Magnetite particle size dependence on the co-precipitation synthesis method for protein separation

From Micro to Nano Magnetic Spheres: Size-Controllable Synthesis, Multilayer Coatings, and Biomedical Applications

NanoZeolites - small particles, small pore, big impact! Porous nanoparticles for environmental applications

Gas phase synthesis of silica nanoparticles in a hybrid microwave-plasma hot-wall reactor

Nanoscale Silver Coatings on Synthetic Fibers

Multifunctional Nanocomposite Systems