Index of Keywords


Carbon nanotube Josephson junctions

Characterization of Aluminum Nitride Nanostructures by XANES and FTIR Spectroscopies with Synchrotron Radiation

Overview - Nanoparticulate Dry (Flame) Synthesis & Applications

Flowability Modification of Fine Powders by Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition

Laser pyrolysis - a platform technology to produce functional nanoscale materials for a range of applications

Electric Field Assisted Assembly of Functionalized Quantum Dots into Multiple Layer Thin Films

NanoActive Metal Oxides: Unique Materials with Unlimited Potential

Mechanochemical dry synthesis of nanocrystalline semiconductors

Tailoring the Surface Chemistry of Nanoparticles in Ceramic Processing

Glass Transition Temperature of High Molecular Weight Polystyrene: Effect of Particle Size, Bulk to Micron to Nano

Effectively Grinding and Dispersing Nanoparticles Using a Fine Bead Mill

A statistical approach to control particle size of poly(acrylic acid) stabilized iron oxide nanoparticles

Aggregation and Fate of Fullerene Nanoparticles in Aquatic Environments

Virtual Reality approach for nanoparticles tracking using simulated forces

A Novel Ultrasonic Method for Characterizing Suspensions of Nanoparticles

Modulation of Intracellular Ceramide using Polymeric Nanoparticles to Overcome Multidrug Resistance in Tumor Cells

Characterization and In Vivo Biodistribution Studies with Poly(Ethylene Glycol)-Modified Thiolated Gelatin Nanoparticles

Polysaccharide based Nanoparticles and Nanoporous matrices

Novel Photonic Technique Creates Micrometer Resolution Multi-sensor Arrays and Provides a New Approach to Coupling of Genes, Nucleic Acids, Peptide Hormones and Drugs to Nanoparticle Carriers

Applications of Dielectrophoretic / electrohydrodynamic electrodes for concentration of biological nanoparticles