Index of Keywords


pH Dependent Optical Properties of Surface Modified Gold Nanoparticles Using a Bovine Serum Albumin Coating

Crystallization of Membrane Protein Nanoparticles

Self Assembly of Globular Protein Nanoparticles

A Novel Synthesis of Co@Au Nanoparticles and Characterization


A Modeling Tool for Contact Probe Tests on Nano-Particle Filled Materials


Nanoparticle Dispersions for Polishing Applications

Nanocrystalline Mixed Metal Oxides Novel Oxygen Storage Materials

Maxitarg-A Novel Targeting Approach for Hepatic Cancer

Peptide Based Nanoparticles as a Platform for Vaccine Design

New Highly Efficient Non-invasive Nanoparticulate Delivery Systems for the Treatment of Chronic Diseases

Nanoparticulate Drug Delivery Systems Based on Hydrotropic Polymers, Dendrimers, and Polymer Complexes

Toxicity of Nanomaterials to Living Cells

Phosphorylcholine-protected Nanoparticles Functionalized with Both Magnetic and Photoluminescent Properties

Exploring the Structure-Function Relationship in Multifunctional Nanoparticles

Synthesis of Y2O3:Eu Phosphor Nanoparticles by Flame Spray Pyrolysis

Highly Dispersible Microporous Carbon Particles from Furfuryl Alcohol

Optical Characterization of the Au Nanoparticle Monolayer on Silicon Wafer

Ultrafine Carbon Nitride Nanocrystals Synthesized by Laser Ablation in Liquid Solution

Nanoparticle Surface Treatments – Application Tailored Interfaces

The Impact of Nano-Materials on UV-Protective Coatings