Index of Keywords


Practical synthesis of nanomaterials and nanostructures

Nanospray Combustion Processing Technology for Nanomaterials Fabrication

Renewable Energy Technology Gains by Interfacial Engineering with Carbon Nanomaterials

Enhanced Mechanical and Cytocompatibility Properties of Novel 3D Printed Osteochondral Scaffolds

In Vitro Assessment of Nano-Cerium Oxide (nCeO2) and Nano-Ferric Oxide (nFe2O3) on Fibrogenic and Carcinogenic Potential

Nano-Safety Science for ensuring safety of nanomaterials ~Biological assessment of silica nanoparticles focused on neutrophil~

nanomaterial definition

A Regulator’s Approach to Nanomaterials

nanomaterial platform

Structuring Knowledge Project in Nanotechnology Materials Program – Construction of the Knowledge Infrastructure for Nano-materials and Devices


Theoretical Investigations of Intermolecular Interactions Involving Pi-Systems and Their Utility in the Design of Novel Functional Nanomaterials

New Product Development for Nanomaterials Systems and Solutions

Converting of Nanoparticles in Industrial Product Formulations: Unfolding the Innovation Potential

Nanotechnology and the Environmental: Will Emerging Environmental Regulatory Programs Stifle the Promise?

Laser pyrolysis - a platform technology to produce functional nanoscale materials for a range of applications

Designing Opto-Electronic Nanomaterials Using First Principles Simulations

Synthesis of Shear Thickening Fluid Using Sonochemical Method

Multiscale Modeling of Polymer Based Nanomaterials

Windows of Opportunity: A New Platform to Understand Structure-Property Relationships in Nanotechnology

In-situ Gas Injection-Heating Atomic Resolution TEM for Nanomaterials

Nanomaterial: A realistic business case for Pharma

Spark Plasma Synthesis (SPS) Device for Sintering of Nanomaterials