Index of Keywords


A Design Approach for Robustness Improvement of Rate Gyroscopes

Efficient Simulation of MEMS Using Element Stamps

Robust Mask-Layout Synthesis for MEMS

Voxel-Based Heterogeneous Geometric Modeling for Surface Micromachined MEMS

Computer-Aided Kinematic Design of a Torsional Ratcheting Actuator

Mixed-Dimensionality, Multi-Physics Simulation Tools for Design Analysis of Microfluidic Devices and Integrated Systems

Simulation and Characterization of High Q Microresonators Fabricated by UV – LIGA

Modeling and Analysis of Hysteresis Phenomena in Electrostatic Zipper Actuators

Development of Patterned SMA Strips as Self-Heating Resistors

MEMS Simulation in Heavily Doped Silicon Devices

Finite Element Analysis in the Development of MEMS-based Compound Grating (MCG)

Nonlinear Mechanics of Suspension Beams for a Micromachined Gyroscope

Coupled Electrostatic-Structures-Fluidic Analysis of a Micromirror

Performance Limits of Micromachined Tunable-Cavity Filter

Stress Measurement in MEMS Devices

3-D Computational Modeling of RF MEMS Switches

Diffusion Induced Stresses in Microstructures of MEMS

A 3D Geometry Modeler for the SUMMiT V MEMS Designer

A 2D Visualization Tool for SUMMiT V Designs

RESCUER – the New and Effective Tool for Automatic Models Reduction – Application for Electro-Thermal Problems