Index of Keywords


MEMS Component Extraction

Optimal Design of Computer Experiments for the Generation of Microsystem Macromodels Using IMSET and Non-Parametric Fitting

Reduced-Order Modeling of Lorentz Force Actuation with Modal Basis Functions

A Technique for Extraction of Macro-Models in System Level Simulation of Inertial Electro-Mechanical Micro-Systems

MEMS/MST Model Verification and Materials Parameter Extraction Using MEMSPEC-2000

Visual Modeling and Design of Microelectromechanical System (MEMS) Transducers

Coupled Package-Device Modeling for MEMS

High-Fidelity and Behavioral Simulation of Air Damping in MEMS

Modeling a Piezoelectric Actuator Using a Transformer Equivalent Circuit

A Methodology for System Level Simulation, Modeling and Optimization of MEMS Devices

Parameterized Electrostatic Gap Model for Structured Design of Microelectroelectrical Systems

Modeling of Piezoelectric MEMS Using the Finite Cloud Method

Self Aligned Gate JFETs for Smart MEMS

Lubrication Analysis and Boundary Integral Simulations of a Viscous Micropump

Simulation of Electroosmosis Using a Meshless Finite Point Method

Characterization of DNA Flow through Microchannels

Joule Heating Simulation of Poly-Silicon Thermal Micro-Actuators

Modeling and Design Optimization of a CMOS Compatible MEMS

A New Analytical Solution for Diaphragm Deflection and its Application to a Surface-Micromachined Pressure Sensor

Automated Mask-Layout and Process Synthesis for MEMS