Index of Keywords


Advanced Membrane Design for Improved Carbon Dioxide Capture

Architecturing Carbon Nanotube-based Flexible Solid State Supercapacitor

Innovative Treatment of Shale Fracturing Flowback and Produced Water for Reuse or Discharge

membrane fouling

The effect of electric field on the surface of nanoparticles (TiO2 & SiO2) and its application to retardation of membrane fouling

Membrane microactuator

Development of Patterned SMA Strips as Self-Heating Resistors

membrane mimics

Nanofiber Structures as Mimics for Cellular Membranes

membrane particle interaction

Membrane-Particle Interactions in Asymmetric Flow Field Flow Fractionation (A4F) – The Influence of the ζ-Potential

membrane penetration

Specific targeting and delivery of virus envelope-coated nanoparticle cargoes into receptor-bearing cells and subcellular compartments.

membrane proteins

Monte Carlo Study of Models of Membrane Proteins

Structuring Membrane Proteins as Tools in Material Science

membrane technologies

Enabling renewable-energy driven reverse osmosis desalination using integrated compressed gas energy storage—bench-scale experiments and modeling

membrane-less filtration

Innovative Cost-effective Pre-treatment for Desalination

membraneless fuel cell

A Computational Study to Overcome Mass Transfer Limit in Microfluidic Fuel Cell


Fast, Accurate Molecular Dynamics Simulations for Surfaces and Membranes

Multiscale modeling in Nanotechnology

Preparation of Functional LLDPE/LDPE/TiO2 Membranes

Microfabricated Silicon Apertures for Ion Channel Measurement

Electrophoretic RNA Transport Through Transmembrane Carbon Nanotubes

Filtration and emulsification with nanoengineered membranes

Sustainable Desalination of Fresh Water