Index of Keywords

mechanical strength

Design and Application of Novel Nano Drilling Fluids to Mitigate Circulation Loss Problems during Oil Well Drilling Operations

mechanical stress

Moment-based Analysis of Mechanical Effects on Trench-Hall Devices

Bonding Pad Resistance. A Combined Approach

mechanical stress/strain

The Study of Mechanical Stress in NEMS Heterostructures

mechanicals properties

Carbon Nanotube Nano-Composite Fibers and Carbon Nanotube Fibers by Wet Spinning Process


Nanomanipulation and Characterization of Individual Carbon Nanotubes

mechanics of cells

Loss of Elasticity of Ageing Epithelial Cells, and Its Possible Reversal


Microscopic Mechanism of Sonoporation

Direct observation of carbon nanostructures growth using in-situ ultrahigh vacuum transmission electron microscopy

The Mechanism of Mediated Electrochemical Dissolution of Semiconducting Metal Oxide Particle

Iron-sequestering molecules play a pivotal role in the mechanism of toxicity of SWNTs on fungal and bacterial cells


Neuroimaging Distribution of Water Molecules in Brain


Dispersing Nanoparticles – The Key to Application

Mechanochemical and Sonochemical Synthesis of Bio Based Nanoparticles


The Mechanochemical Formation of Functionalized Semiconductor Nanoparticles for Electronic and Superhydrophobic Surface Applications


The mechanical sensitivity of vesicle dynamics in in vivo and in vitro neurons

mechnical property

Mechanical Properties Measurements of 0.35-µm BiCMOS MEMS Structures

mechnical vibration

Novel interdigital actuators and sensors based on highly overlapped branched carbon nanotubes


Nanobiotechnology: Responsible Action on Issues in Society and Ethics

mediated electrochemical dissolution

The Mechanism of Mediated Electrochemical Dissolution of Semiconducting Metal Oxide Particle