Index of Keywords


Quantum-Classical Transition Induced by Electrical Measurement

An Evaluation of a Scanning Mobility Particle Sizer with NIST-Traceable Particle Size Standards

The Design of Temperature Matrix with Direction Sensitivity

The Nucleolus and Cellular Stress: Analysis by Coherent Phase Microscopy

Characterisation of thin film piezoelectric materials by differential interferometric techniques

Strong and Weak Inversion Mode of MOS in the Design of Direction Sensitivity Matrix

Nanometre particle sizing and stability measurement with tabletop PCCS

Evaluating nanomaterial exposures in the workplace: A description of the approach used by NIOSH and a summary of findings from 12 site visits

Simple vertical velocity measurement system for different use

Nanoparticle size and shape evaluation using the TSOM optical microscopy method

Characterization of Solar Grade Silicon Contaminants

measurement microsystems

Towards an Integrated Environment for Modeling and Simulating an Electro-Optic Measurement Microsystem

measurement uncertainty

Evaluation of Uncertainty in Nanoparticle Size Measurement by Differential Mobility Analysis


A Model of Photoelectric Phenomena in MOS Structures at Low Electric Fields

A Needs-based Assessment of Measurements for Nanotechnology / Environmental Health and Safety

Evaluation of Tools for Nanoparticles-modulated Hyperthermia by Atomic Force Microscopy

Visualization of Thyroid Cancer Signs by Atomic Force Microscopy

measures of displacement

Nanomanipulators with reduced hysteresis and interferometers build in NanoFabs

measuring system

Multisensor Network for Distance Data Pick-up


Preparation And Evaluation Of In Vitro Release Of Amphiphilic _-Cyclodextrin Or Pla Nanospheres Containing A Hydrophobic Drug