Index of Keywords


Novel Manufacturing Technology of Polymeric Nanocomposites Using Supercritical Fluid Process

manufactured nanoparticles

An emerging method for the separation and characterisation of manufactured nanoparticles in complex environmental samples


Economic and Environmental Tradeoffs in SWNT Production

Photovoltaics Innovation and Commercialization in Ohio

Process Development and Industrial Manufacturing of Nanotechnology-Based Pharmaceuticals

A visual approach on MEMS process modeling using device cross-sections

Maintaining a Stable Engineered Nanomaterials Process through Material Characterization during the Nano Product Life Cycle

Patterning Technology for Nanomanufacturing

Scalable Manufacturing of Nanopowders by Solution Combustion Processing

manufacturing CAD

Towards Predictive TCAD and Fab Integration

manufacturing tolerances

Quality Based Design and Design for Reliability of Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) Using Probabilistic Methods

manufacturing variations

Simulation of Manufacturing Variations in a Z-axis CMOS-MEMS Gyroscope

many core processors

Thermal Coupling in Technologies Based on Tri-gate Transistors

many-body particle simulation charged transport

Simulation of Electrical Field Induced Particle Transfer

many-core architecture

Design of ASIC Dedicated to Thermal Analysis of Many-Core Architectures


Oral Delivery of Map4K4 siRNA to Macrophages Inhibits TNF alpha Production and Protects against a LPS-Galactosamine Challenge in Mice


Dye Coded Nanoparticle as SERRS Labels for Ultrasensitive Detection of Proteins and Antibodies

mapping method

Chaotic mixing using periodic and aperiodic sequences of mixing protocols in a micromixer


A lattice Boltzmann study of the non-Newtonian blood flow in stented aneurysm

Marangoni convection

Modeling of the Kinetics of Capture of Pathogens Enhanced by a Marangoni Flow