Index of Keywords

Multiphysics Simulation

Coupled Substrate-resonator-electrostatic Simulation and Validation fo High-Q MEMS Resonator Performance

multiphysics simulation

Simulation of a Microfluidic Particle Concentrator and Separator

Computational experiments on three-dimensional molecular diffusion in porous media


Simultaneous Detection of Salmonella typhimurium and Bacillus anthracis Spores Using Phage-Based Magnetoelastic Biosensors

multiple emulsions

Design of a lipid nanovesicle system encapsulating bacteriophages integrated in a multiple emulsion formulation: a proof-of-concept

multiple enzymes

Transport of Multiple Enzymes through Semipermeable Membrane and Effect of Surfactants

multiple holographic recording

Fabrication of the Two-Dimensional Nanostructure on Dye-Doped Polymer Film by Multiple Holographic Recording

multiple integrals

Inductance Calculation in Interconnect Structures

multiple jets

Polymer Nanofibers from Multiple Jets Produced on a Porous Surface by Electrospinning

multiple light scattering

Physical stability of nanoparticle dispersion

multiple myeloma

Rapid Detection of Multiple Myeloma using a microfluidic platform

In-vitro testing of realgar nanoparticles for treatment of multiple myeloma cells

multiple outputs

Extensions of Spring Model Approach for Continuum-based Topology Optimization of Compliant Mechanisms.

multiple particle tracking

How much advantage do Nanoscale Phenomena afford for Pulmonary Delivery?

multiple quantum wells

Study of Well Barrier Hole Burning in Quantum Well Bistable Lasers

multiple sclerosis

Ceria Nanopartciles Reduce Disease Severity in a Mouse Model of Multiple Sclerosis

multiple uncoupled voltage sources

An Efficient Numerical Algorithm for Extracting Pull-In Hyper-Surfaces of Electrostatic Actuators with Multiple Uncoupled Electrodes

multiple valued logic

Electronic Nanotechnology Based on Non-Binary Principles


New Properties and New Challenges in MOS Compact Modeling

multiple-gate MOSFETs

Compact Model of Multiple-gate SOI MOSFETs