Index of Keywords


Compact Modeling Framework for Short-Channel DG and GAA MOSFETs

Detailed Analysis of Quantum-Effects in Nanowire Tunneling Transistors with Different Channel-Profiles

multigate MOSFET

Compact Subthreshold Modeling of Rectangular Gate and Trigate MOSFETs


3D Biconjugate Gradient-Multi Grid Coupling Schemes for Field Equations in Semiconductor Device Simulation

multigrid methods

Modeling of Microfluidic Devices Using Scalable Algorithms


Optimized Distributive u-Mixing by Chaotic Multilamination


Interfacial Instabilities in Multilayer Extrusion

An Analytical Model for Multi-layer and Multi-electrode Piezoelectric Ceramic Actuators

A New Route to the Formation of Nanoporous Capsules using Block Copolymer Thin Films & Colloids

Polymer Nanomanufacturing Strategies for Multifunctional Nanomaterials

multilayer charged thin film

Phosphate recognition using multilayer charged thin films containing zirconium (Zr) ions for biochip applications

multilayer devices

Modelling Multilayer Semiconductor Structures

multilayer mem-brane

3D Thermo-Electro-Mechanical Simulations of Gas Sensors Based on SOI Membranes

multilayer micro-membrane

Electrical equivalent circuit for air and liquid characterization of a multilayer micromembrane with piezoelectric actuation and read-out capabilities


Analytic 3D Greens Function Approach to Scattering and Diffraction from Patterned and/or Imperfect Multilayers

Computational Modeling of Ligands for Water Purification Nanocoatings


Fabrication of complex three-dimensional multilevel silicon micro- and nano-structures

multimedia encyclopaedia

NANOPOLIS: An Infrastructure for Communication in the Nanotech World

multimedia environment

Multimedia Environmental Distribution of Nanomaterials


Quantum Dots for Multimodal Bioimaging and Sensing Applications