Index of Keywords


Efficient Poisson Equation Solvers for Large Scale 3D Simulations

multi-grid Method

Hybrid CA/Monte Carlo Modeling of Charge Transport in Semiconductors


Microfabrication of 3D Structures Using Novel Thermoplastic Elastomers

multi-lateral motion

Characterization of an Electro-thermal Microactuator with Multi-lateral Motion in Plane

multi-layer structure

A Mathematical Model of a Biosensor

multi-layered catalyst

Stacked Self-standing Carbon Nanotube Forest Films utilizing Periodical Multi-layered (Fe/AlN)n Films

multi-layered structure

Proton Uptake by Dormant Bacterial Spores

multi-layered structures

Numerical Computation of Dispersion Relations for Multi-layered Anisotropic Structures


Vapor Deposited Nanolaminates

multi-level negative-differential resistance

Molecular Switches of a Self-Assembling Helical Biladienone

multi-level simulation

Modeling and Simulation of a Stiffness-Controlled Micro-Bridge Resonator

multi-material design

A New Material Interpolation Scheme for the Topology Optimization of Thermally Actuated Compliant Micromechanisms


Coupled Multiphysics Modeling of Semiconductor Lasers

multi-object optimization

Optimization of Disk-type Piezoelectric Transformers

multi-objective compromise optimization

Opitimal Developing Policies of Nanotechnology in Taiwan

multi-plex assay

Multi-plex biomolecular detection using Bio-nanotransduction

multi-resolution characterization

Characterization of Different Surfaces Morphology in Heterogeneous Catalyst


Multi-scale Drug Release Modeling for Targeted Oral Drug Delivery (TODD)

Multi-Scale Modeling of Polymer Nanocomposites

Bottom-up device simulations: modeling electrical currents on the atomic scale