Index of Keywords

Monte Carlo

Full-band Particle-based Simulation of Germanium-On-Insulator FETs

On the Correlations Between Model Process Parameters in Statistical Modeling

Corner Charge Singularity of Conductors

Application of Grid Focusing Methodology to Transport Monte Carlo Model for Ion Channel Simulations

Monte Carlo Transport Calculations of Strained SiGe Heterostructures from Ab-Initio Band-structures

Monte Carlo Simulation of Transport in Two-Dimensional Electron Gas via Energy Relaxation

How To Design for Analog Yield using Monte Carlo Mismatch SPICE Models

New One-Particle Monte Carlo Method for Nanoscale Device Simulation

Structural Optimization of Nanoclusters with Adaptive Tempering Monte Carlo Method

Mobility of Electrons in Rectangular Si Nanowires

Monte Carlo Algorithm for Nanoscale Electro-Thermal Optimization

A Multiscale investigation of the influence of surface morphology on thin films CVD deposition

Quantitative Detection by Single Ion Channel Event Statistics: an Algorithmic Approach

Quantum Correction for the Current-Based One-Particle Monte-Carlo Method

Templated virus deposition: from molecular-scale force measurements to kinetic Monte Carlo simulations

Fast Adaptive Computation of Neighbouring Atoms

Determination of Elastic and Thermal Properties of Nanocomposites by Fiber Embedment in Finite Elements

Molecular Simulation Studies for the Synthesis of Ni Nanowires in Zeolite Cancrinite

Transport of large Particles and Macromolecules in Flow Through Inorganic Membrane

Self – Heating Effects in Nanowire Transistors