Index of Keywords

molecular dynamic simulation

Multi- and Single- Atoms Liquid Flow Systems for Nano-sized channels

Quatsomes: highly stable nanovesicles formed by sterols and

molecular dynamic simulations

Nano Crystalline Cellulose – Optical and Structural Properties by Molecular Dynamic Simulations

molecular dynamics

Coupling of Length Scales and Atomistic Simulation of a MEMS Device

Molecular Dynamics Study of Thermally Induced Shear Strain in Nanoscale Copper

Ultrasmall Devices: Are We Ready for Quantum Effects?

Strength of Nanoscale Copper Connection Under Shear

Ab initio Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Aluminum Ion Solvation in Water Clusters

The Atomic Limit of Finite Elements in the Simulation of Micro-Resonators

Large-scale Simulations of Adhesion in Dense Polymer Melts

Simulation of Two-level Tunneling States and Floppy Modes in Silica Glass

Kinetic and Numerical Approaches to Nucleation and Growth During a First Order Phase Transition

Atomistic Modelling of Radiation Damage in Zircon

Towards a Reliable Model of Ion Channels: Three-dimensional simulation of ionic solutions

Combining Computational Chemistry and Computational Electronics to Understand Protein Ion Channels

Multiscale Detection of Temporal Features in Molecular Dynamics Simulations:Applications to Acceleration Methods

Growth of Copper on Ag(100) at Experimental Deposition Rates Using TAD

Multiscale Simulation of the Thermal Desorption of Large Molecules from Solid Surfaces

Effects of Steering in Metal Epitaxial Growth

Effects of Structural Deformation and Tube Chirality on Electronic Conductance of Carbon Nanotubes