Index of Keywords


Surface Enhanced Raman Utilizing Magentic Core Silver Shell Nanoparticles

Electron instabilities in nanoclusters, nanostructures and inhomogeneous nanomaterials: bottom up approach

A facile block copolymer inclusion technique for large scale monodisperse hexagonal arrays of superparamagnetic iron oxides nanodots

Electron pairing instabilities and magnetic properties in nanoclusters and nanomaterials

Magnetic properties of metallic AuPdO nanoparticles confined in ordered mesoporous silica SBA-15 channels


Internalization of Nanoparticles in the Middle Ear Epithelium in Response to an External Magnetic Field: Generating a Force

Destruction of Organophosphate Agents by Recyclable Catalytic Magnetic Nanoparticles

Nanoscale Maghemite Iron Oxide Powders Prepared by Laser Pyrolysis

Synthesis and Characterization of Magnetite Powders

Synthesis and Characterization of Alginate-Based Magnetic Nanocomposite

Magnetite particle size dependence on the co-precipitation synthesis method for protein separation

Assessment of comparative toxicity of nano- and microparticles of magnetite

Stability of Functionalized Magnetic Particles in a Physiologic Fluid

Synthesis of Micrometric Single Crystalline Magnetite with Superparamagnetic Properties for Biomedical Applications

Application Magnetite of Nanoparticles (ICNB Preparation) as Magnetically-Resonant Contrasting Means During Visualization of Tumours

A Comparative Study on Sorption of As (V) ions on Hematite, Goethite and Magnetite Nanoparticles

magnetite nanoparticles

Synthesis of superparamagnetic magnetite nanoparticles for thermoresponsive drug delivery

Hyperhtermia effect of surface-modified magnetite nanoparticles in a microfluid system

Spectrum of Application Magnetite Nanopaticles in Medicine

Magnetite nanoparticles as moderators of extreme conditions during Bradyrhizobium japanicum growth