Index of Keywords


Modeling of the Piezoelectric Micropump for Imporving the Working Parameters

Modeling of Ultra-low Energy Ion Implantation by Monte-Carlo Method

Modeling of the Self-Limiting Oxidation for Nanofabrication of Si

Hardware Realization of Biological Mechanisms Using VHDL and FPGAs

Analysis of an Electrostatic Microactuator with the Help of Matlab/Simulink: Transient and Frequency Characteristics

Simulating IMD in SiGe HBTs: How good are our models?

Modelling Multilayer Semiconductor Structures

Modelling of Atmosphere Sensitive Heterojunctions for Device Applications

Mathematical Analysis of Electrostatically Actuated MEMS Devices

Modeling and Simulation of a Permanent Magnet Array in Elliptical Configurations

Micromirror Array Design and Simulation

Analytic and Raytrace Modeling of a Miniaturized Infrared Spectrometer Module

Modeling and Simulation of 3D Structures for Gigabit DRAM

Multiscale Modeling of Microfluidics

A Method for Determining the Dependence of Integrated Circuit Performance on Silicon Process, Device and Circuit Parameters

Modeling of Deposition Process by Level Set Method

Modeling of Antipodal/BCSSS Transition for Millimeter Wave Finline High Q Local Injected Mixer

Modeling and Simulation for MEMS Design, Industrial Requirements

Complex Fluid Dynamics in BioMEMS Devices

Analysis of Physico-Chemical Processes in an Amperometric Oxygen Biosensor