Index of Keywords

model order reduction

Full Wave Electromagnetic Analysis and Model Order Reduction for Complex Three Dimensional Structures

Macromodel Extraction of Gas Damping Effects for Perforated Surfaces with Arbitrarily-Shaped Geometries

Time-Domain Reduced-Order Models of Lateral Viscous Damping Effects for 3-D Geometries

Improving Trajectory Piecewise-Linear Approach to Nonlinear Model Order Reduction for Microm䁡chined Devices Using an Aggregated Projection Basis

Heat Transfer Macromodels for MEMS Devices with 3D Geometries

mor4ansys: Generating Compact Models Directly From ANSYS Models

MEMS Compact Modeling Meets Model Order Reduction: Examples of the Application of Arnoldi Methods to Microsystem Devices

Perturbation Analysis of TBR Model Reduction in Application to Trajectory-Piecewise Linear Algorithm for MEMS Structures

Parameter Preserving Model Order Reduction of a Flow Meter

A Sparse Grid based Collocation Method for Model Order Reduction of Finite Element Models of MEMS under Uncertainty

model parameter

A Unified Environment for the Modeling of Ultra Deep Submicron MOS Transistors

model parameter extraction

Adaptable Simulator-independent HiSIM2.4 Extractor

model reduction

CMOS MEMS and their Simulation

Reduced Electro-Thermal Models for Integrated Circuits

Vector Potential Equivalent Circuit for Efficient Modeling of Interconnect Inductance

Vector Potential Equivalent Circuit for Efficient Modeling of Interconnect Inductance

model reference control

Closed-Loop, Neural Network Controlled Accelerometer Design

model synthesis.

Computer Aided Modeling of Static and Dynamic Transfer Characteristics

model validation

Application of a Design Methodology Using a 2D Micro Scanner

model verification

MEMS/MST Model Verification and Materials Parameter Extraction Using MEMSPEC-2000