Index of Keywords


Mixing and Impulse Extremization in Microscale Vortex Formation

Modelling Annular Micromixers

Flat Fluidics: Programmable On-Chip Networks for Biological and Chemical Applications

Microchannel Mixing, Entropy and Multifractals

Shape Oscillation and Internal Mixing in Sessile Liquid Drops using ElectroWetting-On-Dielectric (EWOD)

Infinitely fast reactions in micromixers

Coin-Shaped Reactor in Microfluidic Devices Used for Radiopharmaceutical Synthesis

Playing with actuators in microfluidic systems

A study on the novel micromixer with chaotic flow

Methods of energizing micro flows by acoustic and electric fields

Experimental and numerical investigations of the influence of fluid dynamics on the precipitation of nanoscaled particles

Electrothermal blinking vortices for chaotic mixing

mixing fermentation

An Effective Way of Anaerobic Digestion of Chicken Manure with Plant Biomass

mixing index

Numerical Study on a passive micromixer with sinusoidal channel walls

mixing performance

Numerical Study on the Mixing Performance of Ring-Type Electroosmotic Micromixer with Configurations of Obstacle in the Mixing Chamber

mixing protocol

Chaotic mixing using periodic and aperiodic sequences of mixing protocols in a micromixer


Novel Nanostructured Coatings onto Particles by Atomic Layer Deposition, Their Method of Manufacture, and Feasibility of Scale and Economics


High-Voltage MOSFET Compact Modeling


Antiphase Design for Balanced Oscillators

An Electrothermal Solution of the Heat Equation for MMICs Based on the 2-D Fourier Series