Index of Keywords


Unsteady Gaseous Flows in Tapered Microchannels

Dynamic Analysis of an Electrostatic Micropump


Development of Patterned SMA Strips as Self-Heating Resistors


System Model for a Novel No Moving Parts Diffuser Valve Based Diaphragm Actuated Micro Pump

Simulation and Optimization of Tesla Valves

Modular Silicon Micropump

In-Plane Micropump: Design Optimization

Polymeric Micropump with SU-8 Check Valves Assembled by Lamination Technique

Numerical Modeling of a Piezoelectric Micropump

Design, Modelling and Simulation of a PZN-PT Actuated Micropump

Embeddable Low-Voltage Micropump using Electroosmosis of the Second Kind

Design and Simulations of a Microfluidic Pump with Multiple Vibrating Membranes

Syringe-Assisted Point-Of-Care Pumping

Introducing a Digital Micropump for Driving a Droplet in a Microfluidic Channel


Application of the Gaseous Cross Phenomena to Microfluidics


Characterization of Micropumps for Biomedical Applications


Simulation Toolkit for Micro-Fluidic Pumps using Lumped Models

Fixed-Valve Micropump Simulation and Optimization


Monitoring nanoparticle growth in a microreactor by combined micro-SAXS and micro-Raman techniques


Finite Element Approach for Reactive Microfluidic Devices