Index of Keywords

microneedle array

Quadruptlets-Microneedle Array for Blood Extraction

Modeling and simulation of a monolithic self-actuated microsystem for fluid sampling and drug delivery


Geometrical Effects in Mechanical Characterizing of Microneedle for Biomedical Applications

Biochip for minimally invasive blood glucose monitoring

microoptical sensor

Simulation of a Micro Optical Distance Sensor Realized by the LIGA Process

microoptical simulation

Simulation of a Micro Optical Distance Sensor Realized by the LIGA Process


Efficient Full-Wave Modeling of Electromagnetic Field Propagation Through Micro-Optical Link


Improvement of Biogas Production from Animal Manure via Bacteria Enrichment using CASCADE Technology

microorganism crushing nano-grade machine

Enlarge the distance of water molecules to incise microorganism cell-the development and application of nano-grade microorganism cell crushing machine

microorganism detection

Ultrasensitive and rapid immuno-detection of bacteria and protein biomarkers using field-effect enzymatic detection


Use of Magnetoresistive Biochips for Monitoring of Pathogenesis Microorganisms in Water through Bioprobes: Oligonucleotides and Antibodies

An investigation on the aggregation phenomena of Titanium dioxide nanoparticles in natural waters: role of ionic strength, organic matter and natural colloidal particles

Iron-sequestering molecules play a pivotal role in the mechanism of toxicity of SWNTs on fungal and bacterial cells


Agarose coating improves protein stability during sustained release

Nanoparticle transport models in confined fluids


From Micro to Nano Magnetic Spheres: Size-Controllable Synthesis, Multilayer Coatings, and Biomedical Applications

Synthesis of Magnetically Sensitive Nanomaterials with Tunable Properties

Fluorescent Microspheres as Tags for Anti-Counterfeiting of Textiles

micropatterned nanofiber

Multifunctional Micropatterned Nanofiber Capable of Cell Patterning, Metabolite Detection, and Growth Factor Delivery


Micropatterned Laminin-1 Matrices