Index of Keywords


Design and Microfabrication of an Electrostatically Actuated Scanning Micromirror with Elevated Electrodes

Analysis and Simulation of Curved Bimorph Microactuators

Dynamic Compact Thermal Model of an Electrothermal Micromirror Based on Transmission Line Theory

micromirror array

System-Level Optical Models of 3-D Laser Projection Systems Using Micromirror Arrays


Coupled Electrostatic-Structures-Fluidic Analysis of a Micromirror


Simulation of Electrically-Excited Flows in Microchannels for Mixing Application


Numerical Visualization and Quantification of Chaotic Mixing for Micromixers


Compact Model of a Laminar Micro Mixer

A study on the novel micromixer with chaotic flow

Chaotic mixing using periodic and aperiodic sequences of mixing protocols in a micromixer

Discrete Mixing of Nanoliter Drops in Microchannels

A simulation of microfluidic oscillator micromixer

Numerical Study on a passive micromixer with sinusoidal channel walls


Simulation of Droplet Formation in Micromixers


Optimization of Mixing in an Active Micromixing Device


An Approach for Fabrication of Polymer-based Bio-analytical Microfluidic Devices

micromotor optimization

Simulation and Optimization of Variable Capacitance (VC) Micromotors, Using Modified Parallel-Plate Model


Enhancement of micro-flow mixing using DC nonlinear electrokinetic vortices


Modeling and Simulation of Micromachined Needles

Dimensioning of a New Micro-Needle for the Dispense of Drugs in Tumors and Cell Clusters