Index of Keywords


CFD-Assisted Design and Optimization of a Pharmacokinetic Microfluidic System

Development of a capillary-driven, microfluidic, nucleic acid biosensor

Nano-plamsonics Sensing and Integration with Microfluidics for a Lab-on-chip Biosensor

Colloido-Polymersomes: Capsules consisting of a composite layer of particles and polymer

Fabrication and Characterization of HAR Microfluidic Device to Concentrate Microalgae

Conductive Polymer Microelectrodes for on-chip measurement of transmitter release from living cells

Microfluidic manipulation of Caenorhabditis elegans using acoustic radiation forces

All-In-Polymer Injection Molded Device for Single Cell Capture Using Multilevel Silicon Master Fabrication

Atomistic Simulations of Biomolecules at the Water‐Amorphous Silica Interface: Application to Peptides and DNA Oligomers

Fabrication of microfluidic system for micro direct alcohol fuel cell: deep X-ray lithography of three-dimensional microstructures on a stainless steel

Functional Performance of Microfluidic On-Board Pumps and Valves with Various Actuation Protocols

A Pressure Controlled Pinched Flow Fractionation Device for Continuous Particle Separation

Static and Dynamic Properties of the Electrical Double Layer Near Amorphous Silica: Relevance for Device Design

An Integrated Microfluidic Real-Time PCR System for Pathogen Detection

Fabrication of Microelectrodes on Polyester Membranes for Dielectrophoretic Cell Capture

An Integrated Optofluidic System for Two-Dimensional Focus Point Control

From Microfluidics for Biotechnology to Biomicrofluidics

In vitro biosensing based on magnetically induced motion of magnetic nanoparticles

Electrowetting on screen printed paper based substrate

microfluidics chip

Chirality Separation of single walled carbon nanotube using microfluidic