Index of Keywords


Rifampicin nanosuspension production using microfluidic device

New microfluidic chip for the production of spherical gelled capsule for cell encapsulation

On-line production of polyelectrolyte coating on monodisperse alginate beads in an integrated microfluidic cartridge

microfluidic amplifier

Computational Two-Dimensional Finite-Element Analysis of Flow Behavior Inside Microfluidic Amplifiers

microfluidic array

A Microfluidic Array with Micro Cell Sieves for Cell Cytotoxicity Screening

microfluidic biosensor

Analysis of an Optofluidic Biochemical Sensor

microfluidic channel

Magnetic Devices for Ultra High Throughput Biological Analysis

Fabrication of electrical microfluidic chip for electroporation of mammalian cells

microfluidic channels

Spontaneous Liquid Flow in Microfluidic Systems by Gradual UV Irradiation of the Hybrid Polymer/TiO2 Nanorods Channels

microfluidic chip

Size-Dependent Separation of Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells by Applying Microfluidic Chip Filtration

Secondary Microflows in Electrokinetic Transport with Hydrodynamic Slippage Effect

microfluidic chips

Graphene/PDMS composites for optical heating on microfluidic chips

microfluidic device

Direct Write Technology as a Tool to Rapidly Prototype Patterns of Biological and Electronic Systems

Integrated Microfluidic Device with an Electroplated Palladium Decoupler for Electrochemical Detection of the 8-hydroxydeoxyguanosine (8-OH-dG) DNA Adduct

Integrated microfluidic device to monitor the cells acidification rate in nanoliter volumes using microfabricated iridium oxide electrodes

Investigation of pH behavior of single myocyte cells in picoliter microfluidic device

Amperometric glucose sensor for real time extracellular glucose monitoring in microfluidic device

Nanofluidic Channel Based Single Molecular Sensors in Polymer Substrate Fabricated by Novel Nanoimprinting Processes

Microfluidic Control of Adipose-Derived Stem Cell Growth and Positioning

microfluidic device platforms

A platform for assembly of electro-hydrodynamic microfluidics