Index of Keywords

micro/nano combined structure

Replication of Highly-Hydrophobic Surface with Micro/Nano Combined Structures from Nature

Replication of micro/nano combined structure using micro/nano combined aluminum stamp

micro/nano gas flow

Efficient DSMC Modeling Techniques for Micro/Nano Gas Flows

micro/nano-fluidic valve

A Solid Electrolyte Valve for Micro/Nano-fluidics

micro/nanoporous gel

Conformational Changes of Acetylcholine During Spontaneous Diffusion Through a Nano/Microporous Gel: Towards a Novel Approach to Biomolecular Hardware


Generation of a Metamodel for a Micromachined Accelerometer using T-SpiceTM and the Iz-Optimality Option of I-OPTTM

High Resolution Silicon Accelerometer Using Eutectic Bonding


Microfluidics and Microacoustics for Miniature Flow Cytometry


Model Based Identification as a New Tool to Extract Physical Parameters of Microactuators from Measurements with Error Bounds

Dynamics in a Thermal Ink Jet: A Model for Identification and Simulation

Modeling and Simulation of a Single Crystal Silicon Microactuator for Hard Disk Drives

Thermal Modeling of a Surface-micromachined Linear Thermomechanical Actuator

Thermal Stability Evaluation of MEMS Microactuator for Hard Disk Drive

Analysis of AC-Driven Electroosmotic Flow in a Microchannel Packed with Microspheres

Micromachined III-V Multimorph Actuator Model and Design using Simulated Annealing (SA)-Based Global Optimization

Characterization of an Electro-thermal Microactuator with Multi-lateral Motion in Plane

Gentle Micropump based on Microelectromagnetic Actuator


Dynamic Simulation of an Electrostatically Actuated Impact Microactuator

Ultra High performance In-line Contact MEMS RF Switch

Control of MEMS-Technology Axial Topology MicroServos