Index of Keywords


Empirical analysis of metrological data fusion for dose control on nano scale lithography

Nanotechnology Initiatives by Department of Information Technology, Government of India

Using MEMS as Self-Calibrating Force-Displacement Transducers: A Computational Study

Nanoparticle size and shape evaluation using the TSOM optical microscopy method

Milling Process Control with Dimensional Feedback on a Focused Ion Beam - Scanning Electron Microscope System (FIB-SEM)

Gravimetric calibration for optical measurements of droplets-in-flight


An Efficient Sectionalized Modeling Approach for Introduction of


A New Route to the Formation of Nanoporous Capsules using Block Copolymer Thin Films & Colloids

MFI nanoparticles

A Simple Method to Prepare Template-removed Zeolite MFI Nanomaterials

MFI thin film

A Simple Method to Prepare Template-removed Zeolite MFI Nanomaterials

MFM tips

Theoretical and Experimental Study of Synthetic MFM Tips


Nanoscaled Mg(OH)2 Used as Flame Retardant Additive

Mg-ion batteries

All-solid-state polymer electrolyte with plastic crystal materials for rechargeable


Complete Surface-Potential Modeling Approach Implemented in the HiSIM Compact Model Family for Any MOSFET Type

Mg2+ coordination

Structural conformations of ATP/Mg:ATP and Mg2+ coordinating dynamics in motor proteins

MG63 osteogenic sarcoma cell

Injectable Glucan/Alginate/poly(γ-glutamic acid) Gel for Bone Formation and Differentiation


Correlated roughness in polymer film containing magnetic nanoparticles

MgO sintering

Alumina extraction from fly ash by the MgO sintering method: Waste reduction and utilization


Magnetohydrodynamic Micromixing


Molecular Targeted Functional, Cellular and Molecular Imaging of Atherosclerosis with Antibody-conjugated Superparamagnetic Particles Using Magnetic Resonance