Index of Keywords


A Novel Method to Maintain Alignment Accuracy in Bonding Process Utilizing Resin as an Adhesive Material

MEMS Based AC Voltage References Toward Metrological Applications

Novel MEMS-Based Diffractive Spatial Light Modulator

Sensitive detection of nonlinear nanomechanical motion using capacitive signal down-mixing for resonant NEMS-based sensors

Temperature and Strain Response of a Surface Acoustic Wave Sensor

3D Electrostatic Energy Harvester

Lumped Electro-Thermo-Mechanical Beam Model

Measuring the layer thickness of MEMS using torsional resonance

Measuring System Mass and Density of MEMS by Electronic Probing

The field self-calibration method of MEMS gyroscopes and accelerometers for Micro inertial measurement system

Is one gyroscope enough?

Fabrication and Characterization of HAR Microfluidic Device to Concentrate Microalgae

In situ monitoring of temperature and voltage in lithium-ion rechargeable batteries using flexible micro two-in-one sensors

A MEMS-type Micro Sensor for Hydrogen Gas Detection

Optimised Piezoelectric PZT Thin Film Production on 8” Silicon Wafers for Micromechanical Applications

A Novel Pneumatically Driven SU-8 Microvalve for High Speed Gas Chromatographic Applications

MEMS Oscillators

Numerical modeling of squeeze-film damping in micro-mirrors including rarefaction effects

Silicon Crystal Effects in Modeling of MEMS Silicon Resonators

Squeeze-Film Damping in Perforated Microstructures: Modeling, Simulation and Pressure-Dependent Experimental Validation