Index of Keywords


Feature Length-Scale Modeling of LPCVD and PECVD MEMS Fabrication Processes

Fabrication of Silicon Nanowires Using Atomic Layer Deposition

LPCVD silicon nitride

Load-Deflection of a Low-Stress SiN-Membrane/Si-Frame Composite Diaphragm


A Study on the Fluid-Structure Interaction using LSFEM


Modified Nanoparticle Films for Transmission Plasmon Biosensing

Functionalized Inorganic Nanostructures for Biomedical Applications

The Development of a Portable Arsenic Detector Based on Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy for Rapid on-Site Testing of Groundwater

Aerosol manufacturing of plasmonic biosensors with silica coated nanosilver

LSPR-induced absorption

Magneto-plasmonic Nanoplatforms for Enhanced Bioimaging and Photothermal Cancer Therapy

LSPR-induced optical absorption

Analysis of Pulsed-laser Plasmon-enhanced Photothermal Energy Transfer with Applications

Numerical Analysis of Laser Induced Photothermal Effects using Colloidal Plasmonic Nanostructures


Partial-Element Equivalent-Circuit Model Simulation for Designing RF-Wireless Communication Products with Embedded Passive Components

Microchannel Immunoassays with Electrochemical Detection in Devices Constructed from Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramic and Screen Printed Gold


The SURVISMETER - a Green Technology in Service


Lubrication Analysis and Boundary Integral Simulations of a Viscous Micropump

Multiscale Treatment of Thin-Film Lubrication

Milling of Nanoparticle Clusters for New Formulation Lubricants


Non-Silicone Based Nano Thickness Coating to Improve Protein Compatibility


Functionalized Mesoporous Silica Nano-particle for Optical Bio-detection


Temperature Sensitive Liposomes for Local Drug delivery Using Focused Ultrasound