Index of Keywords

low power

A New Semiconductor-Wafer Market Based on the Deepening of Surface Undulations to Form Strongly Textured Atomic Ridges (STAR) With Pitches from 0.6 to 5.4 nm: Model Demonstrations in Electronics and the Physical and Life Sciences

The Fabrication and Multi-Physics Simulation of a Novel Low Power Electrothermal Bimorph Actuator

low pressure inductively coupled plasma

Growth of Nanostructured Diamond, Diamond-Like Carbon, and Carbon Nanotubes in a Low Pressure Inductively Coupled Plasma

low RH

Enhanced fuel cell performance with modified Nafion® membranes

low temperature

Low Temperature Electronic Properties of Electrospun PAN-Derived Carbon Nanofiber

Low Temperature Synthesis of Nanosized Metal Oxides by a Supercritical Seed Enhanced Crystallization process (SSEC)

MOSFET Compact Modeling Issues for Low Temperature (77 K - 200 K) Operation

1/f Noise Modeling at Low Temperature with the EKV3 Compact Model

Surface modification of powders and nanostructure deposition in the afterglow of a low power barrier discharge at atmospheric pressure

Electrochemical activities of hybrid nanocomposite membrane

High performance ZnO-based thin film transistor with high-κ gate dielectrics fabricated at low temperature

low temperature combustion synthesis

Synthesis of non-oxide ceramic powders by carbothermal reduction of a combustion synthesis precursor

low temperature growth

Field emission characteristics of carbon nanofibers grown on the electroplated copper micro-tips

low temperature operation

Analysis of low temperature effects on the performance of SEPIC in a fuel cell system

low temperature polycrystalline silicon

A Unified Mobility Model for Excimer Laser Annealed Complementary Thin Film Transistors Simulation

low temperature sintering

Bimodal size distributed silver nanoparticles on copper substrate: in situ heat treating under air and protective atmospheres

Reliability Analysis of Low Temperature Low Pressure Ag-Sinter Die Attach

low turn-on voltage

Low Turn-On Voltage and High Focus Capability Nanogaps for Field Emission Displays

low vacuum

A New Method of Excluding The External Acceleration’s Effect in a Micromachined Magnetometer for Navigation Systems

Characterisation of Native-State Soft Matter using ‘Multi-Mode’ Electron Microscopy