Index of Keywords

liposome size

Influence of liposome size on accumulation in tumor and therapeutic efficiency of liposomal near-IR photosensitizer for PDT based on aluminum hydroxide tetra-3-phenylthiophthalocyanine


Lipobeads as Drug Delivery Sysytems

Establishing a GMP manufacturing site for nanoparticles

Phage-Derived Bioselective Nanovehicles for Drug and Gene Delivery

Advanced CryoTEM and Tomography for Two- and Three-Dimensional Nano-Characterisation of Soft Matter

Towards Nanoscaled Systems: New Dispersing Technologies

Controlled Encapsulation of a Hydrophilic Drug Simulant in Nano-Liposomes using Continuous Flow Microfluidics

Amphoteric liposomes are a platform for multi-organ delivery of oligonucleotides

Action of Paclitaxel pH-Sensitive Liposomes on B16F1 Melanoma Cells

Novel Cleavable PEGylated Liposomes for Enzyme Triggerable Release of Nucleic Acid in Tumours

Sensitivity of Detection by Biological AFM for Gold-Labeled Liposomes at Human Coronary Artery Endothelial Cell (HCAEC) Membranes

Spectrally-Selective Light-Induced Release from Gold-Coated Liposomes

Liposomes loaded with rifampicin and tobromycin for anti-Staphylococcus aureus action

A Novel Single Step Method of Synthesizing Large Unilamellar Liposomes for Biomedical Applications

Drug Delivery with Light-Activated Gold-Coated Liposomes

Gold-Coated Liposomes Encapsulating Signaling Molecules for Initiating Cellular Communication


Fixed-Valve Micropump Simulation and Optimization

Novel ultra-fine hollow needles formed on Silicon membranes

liquid binding

Fluorescence Based Specific PNA-DNA Binding Characterization on nano-FET DNA Device Surface

liquid bridge

A Micromanipulation Method based on the Capillary Force by Phase Transition