Index of Keywords

lightly doped drain

Measuring and Characterizing Sub-Micron Short Channel LDD MOSFETs

Semi-Analytic Boltzmann Model for the Substrate Current of Short-Channel MOSFETs with Lightly Doped Drains


Novel nanocarbon-based, lightweight, flexible EMI shield


Morphological Consequence of Sonication on Lignin-CNT-Epoxy Composite

Applications of Enzymatic Saccharification Residues as a Fully Biobased Adhesive

lignocellulosic biomass

Pretreatment and Fractionation of Wheat Straw for Production of Fuel Ethanol and Value-added Co-products in a Biorefinery

liivng polymerization

Novel Biphasic Hydrogels for Controlled Drug Delivery

limit cycles

Application of MCLC Method for Estimating the Parameters of MEMS Sensors


Nanotechnology Based Optical Power Control Devices

Passive Light Power Control Enbaled by Nanotechnology

Artificial Nanostructure Materials for Optical Power Control Devices

LiMnPO4 cathode material

Preparation of Carbon Coated lithium manganese phosphate nano rods by modified polyol process


Effect of Pressure Variation on Inkjet-Printed Line Pattern with Various Step Sizes of Ejected Droplets

line edge roughness

Analytical Solutions to Model the Line Edge Roughness and its Effect on Subthreshold Behavior of DG FinFETs

line force model

A Line Force Model to Measure the Strength of Polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS)-to-PDMS Bonding in Blister Tests

line formation

The Effect of Surface Treatment on The Line Formation of Inkjet-Printed Silver Nanoparticles

line slope

Airgap and Line Slope Modeling for Interconnect


A pFFT Accelerated Linear Strength BEM Potential Solver

Linear and Nonlinear Optical Properties of Palladium Nanoparticle Reinforced Fluoropolymer Composites

linear actuator

FE-Simulations as a Part of a Tolerance Management System