Index of Keywords

life cycle assessment

Screening Level Cradle to Grave Life Cycle Assessment of a Conceptual Carbon Nanotube Field Emission Display Device.

Life Cycle Assessment of a Nano TiO2 Coating Self-Cleaning Float Glass

Outwitting the uncertainty of nanotechnology risks through environmental life cycle assessment

life cycle thinking

SUSTAINABLE steel production for the 2030s and beyond: the vision of the European Steel Technology Platform’s Strategic Research Agenda

life sciences

NILCom® – Commercialization of Nanoimprint Lithography

life-time imaging

Neuroimaging Distribution of Water Molecules in Brain


Improve Environmental and Economic Performance with Streamlined Life Cycle Assessment (SLCA)


Application of Quantum dots for the lifespan study of Caenorhabditis elegans


Thermal Cycling of 300 nm Buried Damascene Copper Interconnect Lines by Joule Heating

lifetime estimation

Simulation of Dynamic NBTI Degradation for a 90nm CMOS Technology

lifetime extrapolation

The Effect of a Multiple Carrier Model of Interface Trap Generation on Lifetime Extraction for MOSFETs

LIFT process

Dry native protein assays on on 3D and 2D substrates by non-contact Laser-Induced-Forward Transfer LIFT process


Fabrication of High Quality PZT Thick Film Using Lift-Off Technique

Micro-Tip Assembled Metal Cantilevers with Bi-Directional Controlability

lift-off/transfer technique

Transfer of asymmetric free-standing TiO2 nanowire films for high efficiency flexible dye-sensitized solar cells


Microscope Slide Electrode Chamber for Nanosecond, Megavolt-Per-Meter Biological Investigations


High-density Optical Disk Mastering Using Electron Beam Lithography with Modified LIGA Demolding Mechanism

Development of Immunoassay Microfluidic Chip Using Serial-flow Method

LIGA technology

Simulation of a Micro Optical Distance Sensor Realized by the LIGA Process


Quantum Dot Probes for Tracking Nerve Growth Factor Ligand-Receptor Dynamics in Live Neurons