Index of Keywords


Compact Capacitance Model of LDMOS for Circuit Simulation

High-Voltage LDMOS Compact Modeling

High Voltage MOSFET’s Modeling Review

An Accurate and Versatile ED- and LD-MOS Model for High-Voltage CMOS IC Spice Simulation

HiSIM-HV: a complete surface-potential-based MOSFET model for High Voltage Applications

High-Voltage MOSFET Model Valid for Device Optimization


Compare and Contrast HiSIM-LDMOS and BSIM based compact model of High Voltage MOSFETs for Analog Applications

A Scalable POWER MOSFET Model with an Integrated Body-Diode Including Reverse Recovery

An SOA Aware MOSFET Model for Highly Integrated, Analog Mixed-Signal Design Environments


Modeling of the impurity-gradient effect in high-voltage MOSFETs

Charge Partition in Lateral Nonuniformly-Doped Transistor

High-Voltage MOSFET Compact Modeling

Correlated statistical SPICE models for High-Voltage LDMOS Transistors based on TCAD statistics


A Compact Model for an IC Lateral Diffused MOSFET Using the Lumped-Charge Methodology

LDMOS Sub-circuit

High-Voltage MOSFET Compact Modeling


Nanoparticle Release from Polymer Nanocomposites Used for Potable Water Infrastructure and Food Packaging: Current Progress & Beyond

Physico-chemical Characterization of Extracts of Silver Nanoparticle Containing Medical Devices


Extended Applications of Picomolar Technology to Measure Immunoactive Biomarkers

Relaxation Time Constants of Nanometals in Human Tissues and Clinical Applications

Adsorption of Pb2+ using platinum and ruthenium on carbon nanotubes