Index of Keywords

laser sintering

Effect of Porosity on Specific Resistance of Inkjet-Printed Silver Nanoparticles during Laser Sintering

laser sintering of nano-particles

Direct-Write Microfabrication for Enhancement of Functionality of Optical Fiber Devices

laser spinning

Production of Glass Nanofibers with tailored compositions by Laser Spinning

Composite of silver nanoparticles in glass nanofibers produced by Laser Spinning

laser surgery

Optimal Design of Laser Surgery for Cancer Treatment Through Nanoshell-Mediated Hyperthermia Therapy

laser transfer

Focussed ion beam etching of the interfacial region of lead zirconate titanate thin film after laser-release from sapphire fabrication substrate

laser transmission spectroscopy

DNA detection using Laser Transmission Spectroscopy

laser ultrasonic

System Model for MEMS based Laser Ultrasonic Receiver

laser welding

Diode Laser Welding of Planar Microfluidic Devices, BioMEMS, Diagnostic Chips & Microarrays

laser-assisted cleaning

Investigation of Different Heating Regimes of Laser-Assisted Cleaning using Molecular Dynamics Simulation

laser-flash technique

In-situ Sintering Studies on Nano-Alumina


The first Italian micro exposure tool for EUV lithography: design guidelines and experimental results

laser-treated surfaces

Rendering superhydrophobic laser-induced rough surfaces by transfering on them Teflon nanoparticles


Coupled Multiphysics Modeling of Semiconductor Lasers

Demonstration of Pulsed Silicon Raman Laser


Investigation of the Mechanism of Floating Node Assisted CMOS Latch-Up


Directed Growth of Carbon Nanotubes Utilizing Plasma Induced Surface Charging Voltage

lateral asymmetry doping profile

Characteristic Variability of Novel Lateral Asymmetry Nano-MOSFETs Due to Random Discrete Dopants

lateral damping

Time-Domain Reduced-Order Models of Lateral Viscous Damping Effects for 3-D Geometries

lateral deflection

In-situ Study of SAMs Growth Process by Cross Analysis of AFM Height and Lateral Deflection