Index of Keywords

large-scale simulations

ONETEP: Linear-Scaling Density-Functional Theory with Plane-Waves

large-signal analysis

A Full-System Dynamic Model for Complex MEMS Structures

Analytical Model for the Pull-in Time of Low-Q MEMS Devices

largescale simulation

Large Scale Nanocarbon Simulations

Larmor precession

Noise Spectroscopy of a Single Spin with Spin Polarized STM

larval motility

Development of In-Vivo Screening Benchmarks for Complex Engineered Nanomaterials


A Miniature Laser Interferometer for Noninvasive Viscometry

Non traditional dicing of MEMS devices

Method of LANTCET for cancer diagnostics and treatment at cell level

Plasmon nanoparticle-generated photothermal bubbles as universal biomedical agents

Catalyst-Free Synthesis of Carbon Nanotubes with Low-Intensity Lasers

Nanocarriers for Cancer Therapy

Plasmonic Nanobubbles: tunable and transient probes for cancer diagnosis, therapy and theranostics

Magnetic Nano-Structures Growing by Laser Ablation Deposition

Plasmonic Nanobubbles for Intracellular Targeting and Gene Therapy

Plasmonic Nanobubbles as Tunable Theranostic Agents

Pulsed laser generation of clean colloidal metal nanoparticles

Production technologies for large area flexible electronics

Application of alumina-based nanogold catalysts in gas mask and CO2 laser

laser ablation

Mesoscopic Breathing Sphere Model for Computer Simulation of Laser Ablation and Damage